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Model VT-1 Sodar System

The Model VT-1 is a monostatic phased-array Doppler sonic detection and ranging (sodar) system. It provides a "virtual tower" for obtaining remote measurements of the wind profile up to a height of approximately 300 m (1000 ft). The system includes a 48-element acoustical array, supporting electronics and laptop computer. The Model VT-1 is entirely self-contained within a portable cabinet and is powered by a 12 VDC power supply or battery, thus making it suitable for use even at the most remote locations. All cabinet components are PVC plastic or stainless steel for durability. Due to its modular design, the entire system can be assembled without tools in a matter of minutes.

Key Benefits
  • Wind profiles from 15 to 300 m
  • High-frequency, low side-lobe antenna
  • Minimal siting constraints
  • Battery powered - remote site friendly
  • Portable - completely self-contained unit
  • Sturdy modular cabinet - fast & easy setup
  • System control and operation by laptop computer
  • Optional inputs for external meteorological sensors
  • Unique optional calibration and data processing software
  • Competitively priced

For more details about the Model VT-1, click here.