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Model VT-1 Self-Test Option

An optional self-test function is available for the Model VT-1 sodar.  With the self-test option installed, a sodar self test can be initiated while at the sodar (or remotely), and it can be scheduled to be done on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). When a self-test is executed, the speakers in the 48-element sodar array are tested one-by-one, with one speaker transmitting and a microphone listening for the response. One full test sequence takes about 3 minutes. You can also test just one speaker by clicking on the speaker number shown in the Self-Test window. Bad speakers are identified by low values in the report form that is displayed. If an entire group of speakers is reported bad, this suggests a problem with the sodar transmit circuit board. If half of the speakers are reported bad for a given transmit pulse, then one channel of the transmit amplifier is not functioning properly. A scheduled run records the results to a data file. When more than five speakers are found bad during a scheduled self-test, an alarm is sent via email.