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ART Mobile WindLab

The self-contained mobile WindLab designed by Atmospheric Research & Technology includes a trailer-mounted Model VT-1 sodar for remote measurements of the wind profile. The unit comes complete with an on-board solar power system for independent operation at virtually any location. The Model VT-1 sodar is provided assembled and mounted within a fully-enclosed customized cargo trailer ready to be towed to your first monitoring site. The unit can be deployed in minutes and just as quickly prepared for relocation. The sodar and other equipment are protected and secure within the durable trailer. The trailer also improves sodar performance and affords a sheltered and convenient workspace for the operator. Side-lobe energy captured by the foam-lined trailer interior reduces echo interference due to ground clutter and minimizes nuisance noise from sodar operation.

Key Features
  • Complete turn-key system including 500-watt solar power supply
  • Over-built enclosed trailer with aluminum diamond-plate floor and rock guard
  • Extra ground clearance
  • Foam-lined trailer interior reduces sodar noise and improves sodar performance
  • Integrated leveling jacks for easy installation
  • Trailer tie-down rings
  • Increased security and protection of equipment from weathering
  • Shelter for operator from sun, wind and weather
  • Cargo storage box
  • Fast & easy setup
  • Competitively priced
  • Electric snow roof
  • Backup auto start gasoline generator
  • Wind turbine
  • 6-m mast and anemometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Rain gauge
  • Solar radiation sensor
  • Digital barometer
  • GPS antenna
  • Digital compass and level (pitch and roll) sensors
  • Remote access via wireless Internet (cellular) or satellite telephone
  • Security sensors
  • Anti-theft tracking
  • Helicopter lifting rings

Examples of a Mobile Windlab are shown in the photos below: